A Short film by Elie Arki & Nina Woolfe. Out Spring 2020


as the Countess of Ossun

As dame d'atour she was the supervisor of the wardrobe and dressing ceremony of the queen. Reportedly, she attempted to subdue the enormous costs of the queen's wardrobe at that time, both by opposing the habit of the fashionable merchants to overcharge the queen, but also by suggesting to Marie Antoinette herself to cutting down on her expenses. This was not well received, but she eventually managed to win the queen's confidence.


During the Terror of Robespierre, d'Ossun was arrested and imprisoned at Oiseaux. She was charged with conspiracy to hide the crimes of which Marie Antoinette had been sentenced guilty, and neglect to report them.


Fashion Director: Nina Woolfe

Photographer: Michael Roses

Beauty : Florine Bellay

Geneviève d'Ossun née de Gramont (Paris, 1751 - 26 July 1794, Paris) was a French courtier.

She served as dame d'atour to the queen of France, Marie Antoinette and as Première dame d'honneur.


It took some time for Geneviève d'Ossun to win the confidence of Marie Antoinette, as she lacked the beauty and wit of Yolande de Polastron and was in fact somewhat of a contrast to the seductiveness of the queen's favorite, but she had a solid character and eventually managed to convince Marie Antoinette to cut down somewhat on her everyday expenses.


She was called before the court on 25 July, judged guilty as charged and sentenced to execution by guillotine the following day.

According to a co-prisoner who was not sentenced to death, she behaved with courage during her trial.