Meet the Fridas.

Notoriously over-the-top, neither villain nor muse. The fridas say what they want and wear what they want (for better or for worse). Regardless, sit back and relax (it's going ot be a bumpy ride) because you simply cannot experience the [fake] life and times of Marie Antoinette without meeting her kin. 


The ultimate bad girl.

Takes a real queen to force a Revolution.

The Girl With the Most Cake. Well not really...Her most famous quote, "let them eat cake," was never actually uttered by the Queen and has, over time, been attributed to her by mistake.


Tell everyone,


the bitch is back.

223 years after her death the infamous French queen has risen from the ashes.  This story is entirely dedicated to one of history's most controversial and misunderstood heroines: Marie Antoinette.notoriously rebellious 


The Last Queen Of France.

Goes horseback riding in 18th-century France once. 

You know Marie Antoinette, right? The queen in France that was married to the king that got overthrown by the people? The one with the hair. Big hair. Sofia Coppola? Kirsten Dunst? Excess? Cake? Guillotine? She’s the one with the hair. If you thought Marie Antoinette’s legacy was some moral about decadence in the French Revolution, you’re incorrect. Her legacy is to inspire. 

Our story is centered on aspects of Marie Antoinette’s life—her exuberant sense of fashion, her elaborate hairdos, her intense sexuality. It is almost like a [fake, spoof] modern biography through fashion imagery.


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