A Short film by Elie Arki & Nina Woolfe. Out Spring 2020


as Rose Bertin

The last clothes the queen wore, on the day she was transferred to the Conciergerie, were from “Le Grand Mogol”, Rose Bertin’s Parisian boutique.

After the execution of Marie Antoinette, Rose Bertin fled to London. By the time she returned to France, in February 1795, the Revolution had lain waste to her reputation and turned French fashion on its head. Bertin's style, identified so closely with the excesses of the monarchy, was utterly out of vogue. #ThankYouNext


Marie Jeanne Bertin, known as Rose Bertin, saw her career as a dressmaker take off when the young Queen Marie Antoinette appointed her “Minister of Fashion”.

Marie Antoinette’s favourite, whom she dressed and empoverished a little, helped change the fashion and etiquette of the French court.

The Divine Bertin, transgressed the rules and customs of the time, laying the foundations for what we now call Haute Couture.


Rose Bertin fell into anonymity and died on 22 September 1813.

— chateauversailles.fr


Fashion Director: Nina Woolfe

Photographer: Michael Roses

Hair Stylist : Kimberley Fortes Da Cruz

Beauty Director : Christelle Hok